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Consecra Housing Network is as a premier management agent for owners and developers who wish to utilize the expertise of professional managers. Our team will work with you to devise a written management plan which summarizes the areas where the team will be your partner in success.

Consecra team members are skilled in:

  • Government relations (HUD, Federal, State, County, Municipal)
  • Lease compliance management
  • Resident selection
  • Quality programming
  • Social accountability
  • Marketing
  • Fiscal management
  • Long-range planning
  • Personnel management

The Consecra 4 advantage:


For more than a century Consecra has provided quality affordable housing to elders and persons with special housing needs.  Over the decades we’ve learned to be sensitive to the needs of our residents, to integrate our facilities into the surrounding community and to build upon our heritage of care.

  • Lead staff averages 20 years experience in affordable housing
  • Developed 48 communities from concept to close
  • Rehabilitated the building and operations of 37 communities; improving the efficiency of each one
  • Managing communities of 8 units up to 148 units


Embracing our long history of different cultures, languages and faiths, Consecra has a diverse client base and workforce.

Many of the Consecra communities have a distinct ethnic flavor.  Working with local leaders, Consecra designs our buildings and communities with great sensitivity to the particular needs and desires of the community.

With linguistic and cultural sensitivity, Consecra serves clients whose primary language is

  • Cantonese
  • English
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog

Leader and teacher in sustainable practices

Consecra has retrofit 5 communities with $3 million of green initiatives. Among the items the Federal Grants permit Consecra to add to the communities are

  • Solar powered electricity
  • High efficiency lighting
  • High efficiency windows
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Energy efficient kitchens
  • Water saving faucets
  • Permeable paving surfaces
  • High efficiency elevators using bio-lubricants

240 solar panels provide 250kw of electricity to Greencastle of Bayonet Point, Florida


A Consecra resident proudly displays his “formaldehyde free” kitchen cabinets.

One of Consecra’s Florida communities has experienced a 50% savings on electric costs for the building and better flood control due to permiable pavers. The dual flush toilets, new faucets and tankless water heaters have significantly reduced the amount of water used and the cost of heating water. New lighting has reduced the cost of illuminating halls and common areas.

Many of Consecra’s residents have experienced dramatic cost reductions for heating and air conditioning. Every dollar a resident saves on utilities is a dollar that may put toward food or medicine.


Holding a national reputation for quality communities, Consecra is known as a leader in owning and managing the very best in affordable housing.  Consecra housing communities offer residents a place to live safely and affordably, while nurturing their spiritual and social needs.  Our housing communities are built in neighborhoods where the residents have access to family, friends, medical care and shopping.  The facilities are designed by a team of professionals that are well versed in ADA laws and are committed to providing accessible apartments that respond to the unique needs of the populations we serve.

Each community has its own team of professionals designated specifically to that facility.  These caring staff members receive support from a corporate housing team dedicated  high quality services.

Each housing community offers common areas for resident parties and socializing; laundry facilities; library; computer lab with access to “user-friendly” computers;  exercise classes,  “mind fitness” activities and opportunities for diverse spiritual worship.

Consecra works with community service providers to provide health screenings, dietary classes, support services and cultural opportunities for the residents.  The communities have a commitment to social accountability and welcome the larger community for elections, nutrition, college classes, and health and wellness clinics.

Consecra participates in AAHSA’s Quality First Initiative

Quality First offers a philosophy of quality and a framework for earning public trust in the field of elder services.  Encouraging a commitment to maximizing quality of life and care for seniors, Quality First drives providers to provide services in the least restrictive setting possible.  Quality First also insures that all people are served in a non-discriminatory environment and that training provides continuous improvement.

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